Audio Input

No audio input on the Caladan? Maybe something to consider?


Might be a little late for that considering they have working prototypes and are accepting pre-orders.

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I’m sure the odd few improvements may be made prior to production/build anyhow its my suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Relatedly, I’d like to better understand whether the digital Caladan voices (sound fonts, samples) can go through the cards.

ya a lot of synths have inputs to chain audio to simplify setups, but my dream is 8 switchable inputs and outputs so caladan can be also used as a 4 channel rotary dj mixer.

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that would add a lot of complexity to the design.


You’ll have to wait for our Rotary mixer then! :wink:


I have thought about making the CV inputs double up as audio inputs


I know it’s pretty early to start asking questions about new products but…Are there plans for a mixer in the future?

Looking forward to the Caladan and the fx boards btw!!!

I hope for audio input too. The CV inputs would be fine. Also USB audio would be nice.

No. Each card will be self contained. Can’t remember which YT clip it was in, but I wondered the same thing myself.