Native engine

Or whatever you would call it - no voice cards installed capabilities.

It’s an internal digital synthesizer that can playback our own samples? (Soundfont).

“… with the added benefit of being able to run a (possibly multiple) plugin based synthesizer (VST, LV2, CLAP formats). Our target for this is 32-Voices”

Plug-in based synth? Like a 3rd party one such as Massive or Dune 3? Or a newly developed synth by ISLA?

I know it’s early still but this to me is of equal interest as the voice cards. So much possibilities :exploding_head:

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There are already very man ARM/LINUX platform virtual synths, but there are a couple of commerical plugins that I would like to try and license for the caladan, which I think could be made to work with our UI quite well.
U-HE Zebra / Diva spring to mind, but that’s all dependent on how receptive they are to the idea.


Woah! :heart_eyes:

There must be some grunt if Diva is possible.

Let me just take this opportunity to say that my favourite VST synth is Vital (wavetable) - and it’s free - it sounds gorgeous. It’s pretty deep though, maybe not suitable.

Hi @bradholland,

I was so bold to post on the forum of u-he to ask Urs Heckmann if he knew about your Zebra & Diva ideas with Caladan. He responded kindly, like here saying:

If they can run headless CLAP plug-ins on a viable ARM core (featuring NEON vector extensions), I won’t mind giving it a try at some point.

Hope you can work together on this, because it would be a dream come true!