About the Caladan

What is Caladan?

The ISLA Instruments Caladan Is an expandable 8-part analog/digital multi-timbral desktop synthesizer module boasting multiple synthesizer engines by way of voice cards. Sharing much of its DNA with our S2400 desktop sampler and the Futuresonus Parva MPE Synthesizer, released in 2015.

Without any voice cards installed, the Caladan has its own internal digital synthesizer engine with playback capabilities of Soundfont (.sf2) and SFZ multisample formats, with the added benefit of being able to run a (possibly multiple) plugin based synthesizer (VST, LV2, CLAP formats). Our target for this is 32-Voices (subject to change).

Voice Cards

Caladan has internal slots for up-to 8 voice cards, accessible via an easy access ‘trap door’ underneath the unit. Said cards are able to be essentially any type of synthesizer, be that pure analog, digital or a hybrid of both. The voice card API will be open sourced with development kits made available, allowing other designers and developers to create synthesizer cards for use in the Caladan.

At launch, an improved version of the original Parva voice card will be available, the specifications of which are as follows:


  • 3 Digitally-controlled analog oscillators per voice
  • Sawtooth, triangle, and PWM waveforms
  • Variable-width saw waves
  • Tunable +/- 5 octaves
  • Hard Syncable
  • Independent level controls


  • 4 4-stage (ADSR) envelopes per voice
  • Exponential curves for punchy attack and natural decay
  • Linear mode also available
  • Loopable envelopes
  • Routable to >40 destinations


  • 4 LFOs per voice
  • Sine, sawtooth, triangle, and square waveforms
  • Random sample-and-hold
  • Stepped LFOs
  • Free-running or key-synced
  • Routable to >40 destinations
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch


  • 2 configurable voltage-controlled filters per voice
  • 24db or 12db low-pass or high-pass modes
  • 12db bandpass mode
  • Self-oscillating
  • Filter FM

Audio Demos

Here’s some audio demos from the original Parva voice cards. We’ll have many more to follow soon.

inaheartbeat · Parva demo 3

futuresonus · Parva Synth Sound Samples

Further Cards

Additionally, we also have the intention of creating the following voice cards.

  • Dual OPL3 4op FM card with analogue filters/vcas (already in development)
  • SEM / OB-X card (already in development)
  • Analogue Percussion card
  • Mini Moog card
  • SH-101 card
  • String machine card
  • TB-303 Card

More Specifications….

  • MPE Support
  • RGB led rings (yes, you can change colours) enabling simultaneous viewing of parameters across different voices/cards per knob.
  • USB Host and Device ports, both class compliant for MIDI controllers.
  • Standard MIDI DIN In/Out/Thru
  • 4 x independent CV & Gate inputs
  • 8 x Stereo output busses
  • Main & Sub Mix outputs
  • High quality steel/aluminium enclosure, comparable in build/looks to the S2400 (and compatible with the same side panels for wood lovers)
  • Universal mains powered (100-250v AC)

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