Stupid Questions

Just watch the live stream. Just ordered one. Now I have questions. Probably dumb ones.

Can I essentially play each card simultaneously as a different synth at the same time? Like from my Push can I have one track going to one card and one track going to another on a different MIDI channel?

Can I send MIDI CC messages per card?

Do you configure cards to work together or separately as needed? So if I had to OB-X cards can I use them as 2 separate synths or one synth with twice the voices depending how I need them?

Can I have/save presets for each card? If so is that standardized or dependent on the card creator?

Can I send audio or voltage (or other messages) from one card to another - So, could there possibly be a reverb FX card and a delay FX card that I can send audio from cards to first before sending out the outputs? Or maybe somebody creates some sort of weird modulation card, can I route voltage from one to another? Or are the cards only able to be Synths?

I am guessing that I have not yet internalized the concept here and am projecting.

Another one…
Will there be an easy way to update firmware on the cards if needed to address issues or update features?

See above!




Hello. I watched the videos and read everything I could on the forum but I’m still not sure of one thing.
If I order the Caladan with 4 cards, will it be 4 Parva cards. Or will I be able to pick 4 different cards already on release in July (or later if the date is moved). Thank you for your help.

It’s as per my reply in another thread - happy to clear up any confusion:

Thank you. I missed that somehow…
So it won’t be possible to pre order now with 4 cards and wait until the new cards re developed to pick and choose?

That’s correct - you’ll be able to order the other cards separately when the time comes and they are made available for pre-order/purchase.