Text on Buttons

Hello to my isla family,

I don’t know if this has been suggested or is stupid, but I had to ask.

Any chance you guys could get text on the buttons?

Im always on the S2400 late at night, and have to keep the light on.

(I made a rough mock up, so one could picture it)

Yay or Nay?


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I’m sorry but :face_vomiting:



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A bucket for the puke. Just trying to help. :rofl: This forum cold af.

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But no, on the contrary, we’re kidding! :joy::innocent::see_no_evil:

I have been curious if it is possible to open up the unit and pop the top of the switches off and put thin piece of paper under the clear plastic. I have no idea if they disassemble like that. Unless you had the machine apart for a paint job or something else that would require you to disassemble it to such an extent, it kinda seems like it would be more trouble than it’s worth, but that could be a cool way to customize the look!


Wow that’s ugly! Just put some transparent tape on them and write on that?


Bruh, I opened my S2400 plenty of times when I had an issue with the SHIFT button. I mean I know that joint front to back. Yes, you can “pop the top” of the switches off but I’TS NOT EASY. I literally broke one just trying to do it (I had extra buttons, long story). The way those buttons are put together the techs MUST have some kind of tool to do that way easier or they were trained by Shaolin monks. :neutral_face:

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Good to know! Probably not worth the trouble at all then unless you were gonna replace them all with new ones.


I am using this plugged in USB Host:


Bloody good idea

The muscle memory extension don’t need the host port… and the best part about this extension: it is free!


mUsClE mEmOrY

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It’s a mockup!

Of course they would have some sort of stencil inside so the letters were glowing red. Might even be possible to DIY if the buttons can be opened up. Just put a little square inside.

EDIT: Sorry Ian great minds etc.

EDIT EDIT: How about stenciling the letters in white phosphorescent paint for the next run of black faceplates? :thought_balloon:


I think we all understood that it was a mockup, thank you champion :joy:

Tario, your hair is the only champion here.



He’s happy he has support in his poo :joy:


Few pictures I found on the interweb, was kinda referring to something like this.

seening as the buttons on the S2400 light up already, I think this would be a cool custom feature personally.

Also, some of my text on the S2400 is already chipping. In a few years I can’t see all the text staying on the S2400, text in the buttons could possibly counter that problem?

again, just a suggestion.

Thank you kindly.