I need all the S2400 buttons IDed

Hi. My S2400 arrived yesterday. However, as a blind user currently living in lockdown isolation, I have no idea what any of the buttons are and the existing version of the manual doesn’t have a list of those buttons. So could some kind person reply with a list of the buttons (left-to-right for rows and top-to-bottom for columns)?: ROW1 (large round buttons), ROW2 (small round buttons), ROW3 (small square buttons above pads), COLUMN1 (large round buttons down the left hand side of the machine), COLUMN2 (number pad) and, COLUMN3 (group of six square buttons below the number pad). If it’s not already listed in the latest version of the manual, a list of shift keystrokes would also be massively helpful. Many thanks in advance.


Hi dinosaurus. Welcome on board. I ll write the list when I come back home today.
About shortcuts some of them are written in the manual from what I remember.

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Rows are listed from left to right, items in parenthesis are shift functions.
Row 1[Large]: Song, Metronome (Settings), Swing (File), Copy (Sync), Time Signature (Sample), Pattern Length (Input Monitor), Erase (Pan), Quantize (Effects), Step Program (Save)
Row 2[Large]: Shift
Row 3[Small]: A and B buttons per track
Row 4[Large] Level, Track faders, F1, F2, F3
Row 5[Large] Pitch, Track Faders, F4, F5, F6
Row 6[Large] Envelope, Track Faders, F7, F8, F9
Row 7[Large] Loop/Slice, Track Faders, Back, Help, Enter
Row 8[Smaller rectangle slightly below row 7 and an inch or so to the right] Solo Mute per track
Row 9[Large] Multi Mode, Track Pads, Sequencer Left, Sequencer Right, Tempo
Row 10[Large] Bank, Track Pads, Tap/Repeat, Run/Stop, Rec/Edit


You haven’t asked but just in case:

Front panel, bottom left : headphones jack

Rear panel, from the electrical socket to the other side :

-power on/off

-USB (square)
-USB HOST (vertical rectangle
-SD card slot (horizontal rectangle)

-CLOCK OUT (very small hole)
-CLOCK IN (very small hole)


-INPUT TRIM (round knob)
-INPUT 1 (top)
-INPUT 2 (bottom)
-INPUT 3 (top)
-INPUT 4 (bottom)

-PHONO 1 L (top RCA)
-PHONO 1 R (bottom RCA)
-PHONO 2 L (top RCA)
-PHONO 2 R (bottom RCA)

-MIX OUT L (top)
-MIX OUT R (bottom)
-CHANNEL OUT 1 (top)
-CHANNEL OUT 2 (bottom)
-CHANNEL OUT 3 (top)
-CHANNEL OUT 4 (bottom)
-CHANNEL OUT 5 (top)
-CHANNEL OUT 6 (bottom)
-CHANNEL OUT 7 (top)
-CHANNEL OUT 8 (bottom)

-Earth screw (plus screwdriver needed)


Many MANY thanks. I’d figured out i/o but it’s always helpful to have it written down. Cheers.



Thank you so much. The manual and videos will make a lot more sense now. Cheers.