Painted text wearing off with consistent use

This is one of the only issues I’ve encountered! I love this machine dearly and have used it every day for over 2 months now… Is anybody else experiencing this?


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First time I ve seen it. How many hours do you use it everyday?

I ve noticed that it gets easily dirty (fingerprints…etc) compared to other machines though.

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Wow! People have had their machines for a lot longer than 2 months by now and I haven’t seen this before. Maybe it was not printed correctly?

I’ve used mine quite a lot since I got it and see no sign of wear on the print.

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doesn’t matter how much you use it as it is not old, there really must be an error

start a ticket is my advice because that is nasty and they will not want to see that, i truly hope / I would bet you have a one off

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i doubt he turns mix out 110,000 x a day :wink:

there has to be a problem with how his took


That doesnt really look like its wear from touching unless you have really long fingernails and you only stab the buttons/knobs and then scrape down onto the case after.(I dont think that is what you are doing, just looks like its been scratched/or there is bad paint adhesion vs use marks)

Maybe put in a support ticket on this one?


I bought a spectralis II, it was powder coated and I started to have some of the coating flaking off in a few areas after a few months. I contacted support. Something went wrong in the finishing process as it was not normal wear and tear. This doesn’t look to be normal wear and tear either.


Thanks for the replies and advice, I started a ticket.

My nails are not abnormally long and I usually wash my hands before using the machine and also keep it pretty clean with a soft cloth. Though I’m definitely hitting the pads and buttons with some force, I really don’t think I’m working more aggressively than is appropriate for the build quality…

My favorite potential solution is the release of some Official ISLA Brush-On Clear Enamel :slight_smile:


Do you have a cat? Maybe the cat is playing with it while you’re sleeping. (which would be amazing in itself).


f’in harsh feline that :rofl:


looks like they forgot to do the final coating aftr painting and printing.


That was my thinking.

Is there some sort of protective matte/satin clearcoat over the whole thing and over the silkscreen text? Didn’t know that.

I’m wondering the same thing about a top coating. I’ve been emailing with Rob at ISLA and he’s very surprised that this has been happening with my unit. I’m really curious if anybody else has this going on and hasn’t seen this thread or have yet to notice it happening on their 2400.

i think between fb/yt etc and 21st century folk we would know if this was more common

it happens - anyone remember the 1st run of elektron a4?

+1 here… It’s subtle at this point - 6 of the “mute” labels and a spot on the bottom solid white bar - but it hasn’t seen any real heavy use yet. At this rate, I’m worried about the future.


Looks identical to the type of wear on mine.


Any updates on this??

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The paint is still wearing off. I carefully used some painters tape and a note card to cover up “run/start” and “rec” to keep it from getting worse. The white level lines with the faders are consistently fading away though… :frowning:
still a dream maker though!

You contacted Isla though right?
What did they say?
Are you going to get a replacement unit or possibly the paint fixed up or are they not gonna do anything?
Also curious to how many other have this experience because I’m a possible future buyer.