Painted text wearing off with consistent use

i’d totally get one! i know him personally (lives near me) and i have two S2400s myself. the paint on those units hasn’t started to fade or chip off and as far as i know this isn’t a widespread issue. it seems like maybe the protective coating wasn’t added in the manufacturing phase.

Seems like a paint defect but I even noticed this on other gear like MPC’s and I tell dudes this: Keep your Finger nails trimmed all the way down because they will chip or scratch any paint over time and clean your hands really well to remove any grease or grime. I see dudes eating Fried Chicken wings in the Studio and I’m like “WTF” lol. I am not saying you are but all the dudes with them Cocaine Finger nails who Eat greasy food then pound out beats on their gear has their shit looking Jacked the fuck up in No time. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:rofl: truth

been guilty of some bad studio behaviour over here - done some bad stuff on stage too hahahaa - none of it involves fried chicken though

i think the above were a few unfortunate anomalies personally - the paint on mine seems beyond solid

We need a company to make a magnetic faceplate for the 2400. They can even be in different colors\designs. Instead of the normal skins with sticky glue.


Would love a SP12 skin. Was thinking of doing one for the Maschine about a year ago. Sumthin about that SP12 face :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3: