Screensaver implementation

With a lot of the Elektron products suffering from lcd burn in on their screens. I am wondering about the longevity of the lcd screen here. Is it the same type as the Elektrons? and will the screen saver be operative by a set time or can you change it in the menu? Cheers. Looking great!

I can’t speak for the OLED displays in this machine but I know from working with the technology that the ones currently produced have a lifespan of roughly 100,000 hours which is 11 years. If you had it powered on 12 hours a day that number would jump to 22 years, and so on. Considering the lights in this are at a low performance producing only 1 color I’d assume that increases the life. It’s fairly rare for OLED screens to have permanent burn-in under normal use. Sometimes they retain images but the effect fades within hours. This is why newer phones can have things like the date and time permanently displayed without degrading the display.

Thanks for that. I know its one huge issue over at Elektron and a pet hate of the customers that after 6 months there is burn in on their displays. I’m assuming Brad is fully aware of this and will have some kind of screensaver or dimming after non use for a while.

I saw on a video Brad said “it does the Knight Rider thing” when you leave it idle for a while! And the pads go back and forth with red lights like KITT, so I imagine the screen likely dims/turns off during that. Super sweet, I’m a fan of KR (and especially the great Garth Knight lol) so this is yet another cool thing with this box.

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@Peter_C The machine turns its OLED screen off when it sleeps so unless you disable sleep there should be a long time before any sorta burn in happens which I dont think is near the issue that it was with other screen types. So while things definitely have a finite lifespan I think the screen on the 2400 should be good for a long while.