OLED screen is loose [SOLVED]

Recently the OLED screen has come loose and sliding all around. I’m not sure how, since I never move the unit. Perhaps due to heat? Anyone else have or had this issue? I’m sure I’ll be able to secure it back in place

Ticket time. Especially if it involves hardware issues.


I was able to repair it. It’s what I guessed- the double sided tape used to secure the OLED to the tray dried out due to heat exposure. I used a 3M double sided tape that is also slightly thicker. It should last. For future versions, the OLED should be secured with a frame that snaps onto the tray. If anyone’s OLED comes loose, I suggest opening a ticket. Definitely a job for a technician


I have the same issue. I have one of the earlier units from about a year ago.


same here. i bought number 63 secondhand and he barely used the machine. the OLED came loose and the encoder wobbly. i got a second unit of my own and now that it’s here, i’m gonna send in the earlier unit. it also got an odd error message and i realize that it is one of the first hundred units and is part of that recall that they had. i plan on putting a ticket in after the new year to get that all sorted out.