Tempo Nudge for mixing in S2400 with turntables

When you need to sync the S2400 to a non MIDI instrument (like turntables), tap tempo is a good tool to find the BPM of a track, but you may need to push forward or backward the tempo to perfect match, like with a turntable.

It could be done with keeping tempo pressed, then >>> or <<<


Or you could adjust the speed on your turntable for the easy fix - alternatively you can start / stop the track on the s2400 while adjusting the speed or buy the Octatrack that already have this feature

Yes i can buy an Octatrack and sell my S2400, but no :rofl:

Ajusting the turntable first is not an option because people will hear the pitch change, and you don’t want to disturb listeners.

I believe tap tempo is a great feature but does the S2400 average a number of taps before deciding what is the current tempo ?

Yes! There was a setting for the number of taps to average somewhere.