Squarp Pyramid with S2400

Tried going through manual with no luck. Was trying to use a Squarp Pyramid to trigger/sequence samples in the S2400 via its own midi channel. Anyone know if this is possible yet? and if so, any insight cause I must be missing something.

i’ve got a pyramid, but no S2400 yet though i’m ordering soon.
is the pyramid not triggering the S2400 at all?
i find that my pyramid doesn’t like some of my midi modded synths/drum machines.
wondering if this could be related.

Yes, not triggering it at all. I do see midi information being passed in the S2400 midi monitor, like it’s receiving pad presses from the Pyramid, but no sound/samples from the S2400. Not sure if this has been implemented yet in the S2400 tho. Or I’m just doing something wrong. I’m hoping to get this clarified.

i’ll be paying attention to this thread!

MIDI in is fully implemented. What are your Track Map settings?

@Mickey I haven’t touched my track map settings. Under control settings I changed channel to “8” thinking maybe that would assign midi channel 8 to the S2400. Then chose channel 8 on the Pyramid to play the S2400. I figure i’m missing something here.

That channel setting is for control messages, like pattern change.
If you want a track to respond to channel 8, then you have to change the map for that track.

@Mickey OK, i figured out my error. Changed the Midi Map, like you said, still didn’t work.
I realized I did not have the “Notes In” box checked under Midi Din Jack.
Cool! So that works great!
Thanks for the help, Mickey, seeing you were probably not busy at all… :slight_smile:

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I have a pyramid and love it dearly. It’s a brilliant companion for the S2400. I was just about to ask you all sorts of questions, but look at that - you got it! Good job!

@sunshine yeah thanks man! I haven’t used the Pyramid nearly as much as I should be. Now more then ever looking to put it to good use. :blush:

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nice to hear someone else is having a good time /w the S2400 + pyramid.
pulled the trigger ordering my S2400 last night.

Good move @tiraquon you’re gonna love it!

I’ve been using a Pyramid with the S2400 and works perfectly, when full CC control arrives it’ll be absolutely next level : )

@Mickey sorry to @ you again Mickey, will CCs be able to control panning, sample start/end/loop, env stages? Assuming filter cutoff/res, levels and the standard stuff will be there


@adg Sorry, I can’t comment on details of future features.

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Ok, no worries. Thanks anyway.

Fingers crossed : )

I picked up a Pyramid waiting for my S2400 to arrive. xD


Once the new update comes with full CC control this combination is going to be fantastic


@Sunshine could you give us a little insight as to how the two machines could work together, benefits and workflow. Forgive me if you have talked about this elsewhere.

Excited to hook my S2400 to Cirklon (very near the top of the wait list now after 3.5 years).

@DylanReece cirklon and pyramid are both advanced MIDI sequencers. They would be able to sequence individual hits (in place of the onboard sequencer), sequence patterns (using the onboard sequencer) and control modulation via MIDI CC.

For example you could sequence some patterns together and a long filter sweep that crosses over several patterns. They also have many advanced sequencing features like Euclidean rhythms, odd pattern lengths (polyrhythms and polymeters), MIDI envelopes and a whole load of other stuff.

You could achieve very similar things by controlling S2400 via MIDI from a DAW, but these hardware sequencers allow you to do it without a computer, with a dedicated hardware interface.