Audio Inputs as Trigger Inputs

Would be nice to be able to plug drum pads into the audio inputs for triggering samples.

Velocity sensitive, of course.

Don’t know if that’s possible with the circuitry as is.


Might be cool to select audio outputs as trigger outputs too, so instead of loading a rim sample the S2400 could generate something sharp edged for you.


Our clock outputs can already do that?

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Will look into that one .


To take it a step further, I suppose the ultimate implementation would be where the unit behaves as a Trigger-Midi / Midi-Trigger converter with the sequencer in the middle.

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modular community would love this. some are anti midi and their gear only spits out triggers so yes this would be great.


Great news about the trigger track using the clock output. Swing too :ok_hand:

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+1 this.

for Drum replacing / layering samples with multi tracked live drums in the studio this would be amazing.
Or playing drum pads into the S2400 directly…

would be a nice to have absolutely