MIDI out and/or CV Trigger


While waiting on my s2400 to arrive, I’m wondering if its possible to trigger a CV-able drum module via a Midi to CV convertor in such a way that I can assign a specific pad to trigger it. Like if I wanted the first pad to not only play a sample, but also trigger a kick drum sound from the other synth. I’d likely get the Doepfer Midi to CV convertor if this is possible. Otherwise I might have to get a full standalone sequencer for the kick module to slave to the s2400 via the trigger out, but I’m trying to avoid it if I can.


What’s wrong with the 32 midi pads (bank E-H)? You can always trigger your kick by using those pads.

I would recommend a Korg SQ-1 as a MIDI to CV convertor:

  • MIDI to CV
  • USB to CV
  • 2 x CV and Gate out
  • analog sync
  • cheaper
  • plus much more

And the SQ-1 is an analog step sequencer :slightly_smiling_face:

@syah71 Thanks for pointing that out and please excuse my ignorance. There are virtual pad banks in the sequencer that allow sequencing external gear to their own patterns, in addition to sequencing the 1-8 pads and their samples? That would be perfect if so. Then I can use it as a brain for everything.

@efge Thanks for the suggestion, its on my short list but its a bit small for sequencing as I still have fond memories of my MMT-8. But its good to know I can use the Korg for conversion and have a bonus sequencer on top.

Yes, that’s right. Four banks of 8 midi tracks, besides the four banks of 8 sample tracks. 32 for samples, 32 for all kinds of midi (a lot more than notes only).

Thanks again, it’s great to know that I can save some money and that the s2400 is more powerful than I thought. I’m still thinking about it as a basic sampler, like the 1200. Seems that it sits more between the 1200 and something like an older MPC in functionality.

@syah71 Can I ask for some examples of how you use the MIDI for “a lot more than notes only”? It’s not that I am questioning your statement. I would just like to get some ideas of how you or others are using the MIDI output. It is one thing to read the manual and see that something can be done, but totally another to understand how or why to use it. I wish there were more people making “tutorial” type videos on stuff like this, but it gets so niche that the Cuckoos and Loopops of the world won’t ever get around to it :slight_smile:

For example, I use the faders of midi tracks to control parameters of my Emu RFX-32 by assigning the faders to the CCs I want to use. For now this cannot be recorded inside the s24 (at least not continuous), but the sequencer inside the RFX host can record it and is a really great companion to the s24 sequencer. Everything the s24 sequencer lacks, the Emu (E4) has and vv.

But this is just 1 example. Use cases galore!


As for tutorial videos, you have watched all the official Isla videos, right?
And read the manual?

Thanks Mickey, I appreciate you popping in to the conversation. I have watched through them, but I may have glossed over this one, not considering it “important” at the time. I’ll definitely give it another watch. Alex does a great job with these videos and I wasn’t trying to diminish his efforts. I pretty much only make Jungle and Drum n Bass, so it is difficult sometimes to learn techniques relevant to specific genres like these. You have people like Tubedigga that release some good content. I’m sure there are many tricks that I overlook with the S2400 that would be so important for my favorite genre though.

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Yeah I have a Mutant Brain and was able to map each of the 8 pads to the specific trigger notes to gate outs 5-12. It’s pretty easy. Just set all the pads to Channel 10 and then switch over to pitch mode for each of them and adjust until they are all controlling different gates. I currently am using this to sequence my Queen of Pentacles TR-8 style at performances and it’s great.


Just thought I would report back that I have finally watched that part 8 video manual and I don’t know how I missed it before. It has opened my eyes to using the S2400 with old rack gear like the XV-3080 where you don’t have any analog controls for setting cutoff or setting envelopes. Now I know that I can assign a whole bank worth of knobs and faders for stuff like that. Just as a controller passing MIDI through, it is awesome.

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The old Roland modules use sysex so it might not be as straight forward as you think. There is CC control but it’s limited. Even so, after watching that video manual I’d love to get this working too! Will have a play this weekend.

Just tried it and the 5080 responds to 2400 filter knobs by default. So the 3080 should too.

1080 & 990 doesn’t but is older and I need to read the manual, might need to set things on a patch by patch basis.

There’s also RPN/NRPN but I’m no expert on any of this.

I only tried it with the XV-3080 and didn’t look at the JV-1080 yet, but the filter and cutoff were automatically mapped to the right CCs to just work. I’m wondering if the Morpheus and Orbit will work that way also.

The XV-3080 also has a CC for the level of each of the four “Tones”, so I also mapped 4 additional faders to control those and then you have instant control over those too. I also got mute and solo buttons working to turn off and on portamento and hold, as well as another fader controlling portamento time.

You are right though, most of the assignments are buried in sysex. It is still cool though and makes it much easier to dial in familiar sounds to be a little less familiar.

That’s awesome, I’ve been too busy doing basic things on my 2400 and hadn’t bothered to dive deep into this extra midi functionality.

this might help - MIDI CC List – Most Common Parameters

I didn’t see your message about the 1080 and 990 when I replied last night.

You are right, I just scoured the MIDI part of the manual for the 1080 and the only reference to cutoff or resonance that I found was in the system exclusive section. I don’t really understand sending / receiving sysex well enough to know how that could be done (if at all). At least the 3080 and 5080 offer the extra controls though. That is pretty cool.

On another note, I bought one of the Romulator cards and the Programmer from Sektor 101 a month or two ago. It is really awesome and allows you to make your own cards for the JV / XV series. Have you seen that? Well worth it if you are tech savvy and able to operate it.

Yesss I got one those romulator cards a few weeks ago, amazing bit of kit! I’ve not had a chance to make a custom one yet, but flashing an SR-JV ROM was easy. I’m on the list for a few more cards to max out my 5080.

There’s a couple of videos about assigning SYS-CTRL in the 1080 for CC filter cut-off/res, it looks pretty long-winded because it’s at patch level. I think the MicroKorg is one of the few devices that can be used as a sysex controller, theres a video of it being used on a JV-2080.

This just reminds me how frustrating it is that the S2400 doesn’t record pitch bend and mod wheel, because of course you can filter mod that way too.