RD-8 or RD-9 as Module, Mapped to S2400 Pads, Faders, Knobs

I am considering getting an RD-8 + RD-9 in the future… for instant (and analog) drums - no need to sample them in into the S2400… and also saves voice/polyphony-space in the S2400 for drums.

Anyone planning to (or is already doing) mapping the S2400 pads (and/or faders and knobs) to control the RD-8/9 as a module?

I know it should be pretty easy to map/control the RD8/9 from the S2400 pads (as Alex has shown with an Oberheim DX)… just wanted to see videos/demos of it done, for fun.

Also… wondering if the S2400 faders/knobs can control and midi-record anything else on the RD8/9 (like all the voice adjustment knobs, analog filter, wave designer, etc.).

I’ve never had an RD8/9… so I don’t even know if all those things (voice adjustment knobs, analog filter, wave designer) even have an assignable CC number per pot… or are even recordable within just the RD sequencer itself.

According to their manuals, the the RD-8&9 do not have MIDI control of parameters like pitch, filter, etc. That is common for analog drum machines.

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Most of behringers synths and drum machines have very limited midi capabilities


up to now yes, i have some proto that are all coming midi specced up :wink:

they are speeding up their thinking


easy to map all the hits inc. accented hits , all voices on 8 and 9 can be mapped to a midi note # that you choose, the 9 has all 128 levels of velo too , the 8 has 2 levels which is acc: on and acc: off , there are no other accessible params on those two machines though

the filter is easy to automate in the machines and is recorded to patterns but you will not get to it via midi

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Ah, ok… that’s what I was guessing. (only thing in manuals I could find are midi #s for each voice).

At least there’s still trigger and the ability to save countless RD8/9 midi patterns/songs/projects to S2400’s SD, hehe. (a lot easier to organize/file projects within the S2400, than inside RDs or other old drum-machines)

Would still love to see YT videos of people playing with RD8/9 controlled by S2400… just for entertainment.

Ah… never knew RD9 had full velocity and RD8 only has 2level accent. Shame.
Will the RD8mk2 have full velocity 1-128?

Ive got the RD-8 and 9, and maybe just a personal preference thing I find it easier to just load up samples from each or if there is a sequence I like to sample that as a loop. Generally speaking though I find syncing a bunch of gear together to be a time suck and friction inducing, so take my thoughts with appropriate grains of salt.

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trs cable, done :slight_smile: - that is how i roll at least - when possible