Expression from velocity (pitch, env, or other change from velocity)

The idea of triggering note from external midi pad controller and then pressing the S24 pad (or other pad on external device etc) to provide manipulation of the sound, pitch/mod etc.

E.G. I hit a bass note on my pad controller with my right hand, left hand pushes down on another pad and it effects it, pitches down, changes some parameter etc. Doesn’t have to be crazy involved possibilities like the asr ensoniq stuff, x-fading, etc, but would be cool, may already be possible, I don’t know, I’m just letting it be known some of us love this stuff. It would be like essentially assigning some of the functions of the fader, to the pad, altering expression etc.

Cheers and all the best and THANK YOU


sounds like you want aftertouch/pressure if this does not allow it i would suggest you search out a maschine controller to add to the rig - will get a mk1 for 50 quid easily, rock solid and very very configurable

each pad is configurable to individual poly pressure etc, insane midi controller iit truly is and from what i hear the midi on this will accept all sorts according to brad latest rundown video.


Thx for reply, JM! Yea, what I am thinking is to be able to trigger with 1 pad, then push down on a second pad to do a “power down” pitch bend, or other alteration, like for instance, hitting a snare with right hand, then if I hold down a pad (can be on s24 or another attached pad controller etc, even mod wheel etc, but preferably configurable to be a velocity sensitive pad) if I hold it down, it would alter a parameter like ASDR or something else. I have a few controllers and other samplers, keyboards and things, and I have an ASR which does all sorts of stuff with the layering and advanced stuff so it’s not a big thing if S24 doesn’t, I was just thinking how it would be cool to play the notes with an attached controller, and in lieu of using the fader to pitch it up or down, I could push in on a pad to give slight variations and things. I have yet to delve into the maschine stuff but it’s great to hear another recommendation and also that sounds like you’re saying it’s a great controller that doesn’t require a computer, which I’ve been under impression it was. I got all the first MPD controllers just because they have real midi and can be configured without computer. Cool to know it sounds as if some Maschine controllers also do this. Also the S24 has usb host which opens things up but I always like to get something that has midi ports up until this point. Cheers, can’t wait for this thing!


Hi ESPI and j.m,

just came want to point out that Maschine MK1, MK2, and MK3 all require connection to a computer running the Maschine software. it is possible to use the separate Maschine Controller Editor software to configure and use as a MIDI controller for other software and hardware, but I believe they still need to be connected to a computer. you may want to do further research of your own.

Maschine+ is of course capable of running stand alone, so I would assume that it can be configured as a custom MIDI controller, but I have not yet seen any info about this particular capability.

and a friendly heads-up for both of you:

from the NI website:
macOS 10.15 (Catalina) - Compatibility with Native Instruments Products

macOS 10.15 terminates the operability of some NI legacy hardware. This includes MASCHINE MK1, MASCHINE MIKRO MK1

there is a workaround for macOS 10.12-14 but the MK1 is not officially supported after 10.11. as an owner of Maschine MK1 who recently upgraded from macOS 10.12 to 10.15, I can confirm the information above. note that this is only for the Maschine MK1 hardware.

I haven’t yet tried using my MK1 with the Controller Editor in macOS 10.15, but I don’t think it would work because there are no Controller Drivers for macOS 10.12 and higher. I could be wrong though.

I am not a Windows user, but here is the chart for
Windows Compatibility of Native Instruments Hardware.

you’ll need to look into the possibility of running older Maschine hardware with the Controller Editor software on Windows operating systems if you plan on using them only as a MIDI controller.

I don’t know if this information is useful to either of you, but I’ve posted it here as a courtesy for anyone else who may follow this thread in the future.

if you’re looking to get into the Maschine system as an additional tool for sampling, I definitely can vouch for it being fast, intuitive, and easy to learn.

hope this helps!


no, in midi mode it does not need a computer, it just needs usb power :+1: of course to build and save a template in order to port to the hardware you need a computer but getting editor software from NI isn’t that hard

i have been with maschine since 09 when it came out and still use my original hardware

when they say they don’t support you just keep it at what level it is, it just means they will not create tickets or whatever if you have tech issue, they provide legacy drivers on request in my experience and i think they have reopened the user area to get older drivers , my mk1 still runs as new - my computer is still 32 bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: and they stopped supporting that a long time ago, it matters not one bit still all fine, controller editor and the actual software

but yeah that is friendly info and could be useful for someone


Thank you noisemodule n j.m for taking the time to share this info!
This is the kind of stuff that is useful to know, and an example of why I tread lightly with the computer based stuff, as requirements, updates, interoperability, and things like that can make it necessary to really understand and do research. What comes to mind for me is years back the Digi002 which seemed a great device at the time, but now literally is being given away, as I found 1 at goodwill and still didn’t get it.

I have the original MPD controllers and pulled the lever on them because of their ability to be straight up MIDI and not needing some soft etc so I’m not actively looking for other controllers now but it’s great to have this info and Maschine stuff has seemed interesting to me. I too have 32-bit machines so that’s dope to hear you still rocking 1 too ha, I have a few computers older and newer, and I’m all about keeping things that work getting great use.

Cheers to you both for adding on! Very interesting piece, I’ve heard great things about these but don’t know which model I’d go for if I ever do, I’m filling in little hardware things now and trying to not get distracted with other cool pieces ha, which I always do, but I’m trying to really get into the S24 and what I have. I’ve seen some videos recently w folks using the Maschine studio with various software I believe, I thought the Serato Studio/Sample looked interesting but not sure what I’m going to go with on computers, likely logic on newer mac and maybe something else on older PCs.


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oh wow, I never tried using my MK1 as a MIDI controller disconnected from the computer. just messed around with controlling Ableton from it. great to know, thanks for educating me!

I own a Nord Modular (G1), so I’m well acquainted with integrated platforms and the joys of OS compatibility… If I wanted to maintain strict operational compatibility with that thing, I would be married to my G4 tower running OS9! at some point our priorities change and it’s just impractical to maintain legacy technology which is kind of where I’m at now, in the process of reconfiguring my whole recording process.

still have another computer I can use my MK1 with, and the controller itself is mostly functional. in my search for a streamlined process, I found myself interested in UAD’s Luna (macOS 10.15 only). so before updating I rigorously went through my software, checking manufacturer’s websites for compatibility reports, waited for some time to see them roll out support, and did a backup of my hard drive just in case.

unfortunately I did not anticipate Maschine hardware being a separate issue from the software, which is my own ignorance, but neither did I see any mention or warning about it from NI when going through their Catalina compatibility announcement with a fine tooth comb. for some reason NI had different pages discussing different OS compatibility, instead of compiling that data into a single updatable document.

still working on some other projects that I intend to put the finishing touches on in Luna. meanwhile, contemplating whether to revert to OS 10.12 to finish production on old Maschine projects or just upgrade. It’s just a hassle to manage shifting data around, and I’ve been putting off upgrading forever, so it may be time to do it anyway.

it just so happened that in the middle of my procrastination, the argument in favor of the S2400 grew strong enough to push me over the tipping point. no regrets though. there’s bound to be some wrinkles with interoperability when changing up a studio. lesson learned.


Nice. That’s my concept is when you have a machine working, OS9, tiger, xp, whatever, and you have peripherals working, to back that ish up and dedicate it to that purpose, period. I just don’t like the whole culture now of downloadable apps and who’s to say 10 years from now you’d even get that functionality etc w updates etc. I sold my G4 PB in 2009, that XP/Snow Leopard era was the quintessence for me after that it’s just the whole thing changed for me it feels different. I been getting old hardware since, I don’t get any of the integrated stuff. It took a lot of reading for me to commit to the MPD stuff. I was super early with the computer integrated stuff, I got the og metal mikrokontrol and later the MPK49 and there wasn’t anything around then (w the korg) that really made it easy to plug n play, it was an OS9 “classic/legacy” mode ish. So I never used these things I never got into the software. I’m down to, but I just don’t like the business model of “sell new ish in 1-2 years” combined w “forced os upgrades” it just doesn’t mesh w me I like stability of knowing what I have will just work, forever, comes from personal ethos & cemented having a production environment background in printing where OS upgrades are avoided n cost money (will spare rambles). Cheers

Also, the luna seems interesting, I’m unmarried to any computer/DAW ATM so I’m glad to hear about it. I just want to be able to digitize as we all need to do that at some point seems inevitable, as well as open VST stuff. I haven’t messed with all this tho, because, to me, it seems a no brainer, to get a hardware box that will work forever (compressor, fx, etc) then to pay hundreds for soft that who knows, but again, that’s my personal feelings

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aha the great nord modular, yes i know that pain myself :rofl:

i know support can’t be forever, i do prepare for this eventuality if software is involved with hardware but i also find there is usually a way around it

so you now have paid up for the 2400? good choice i am sure


yup, I pre-ordered a week ago and will patiently wait my turn for my unit to be assembled and shipped.

now if Stage Engine could just update this to work on macOS 10.15, I might be able to get the Nord Modular Editor working on my primary/production computer… :pray: