Solo button cue mode for live/jam sessions

A really cool feature for live/jam sessions would be if there was a mode for the solo buttons to send the soloed tracks to only the headphone output while the rest of the tracks continue playing out the outputs as usual.

So you could have your pattern running through the main/individual outputs and solo a track to work on in headphones, when you have the parameters dialed in or recorded a nice clap sequence for example you unmute the track and it plays through the outputs for the audience or band mates to hear.

Also if you’re unsure of which track is what before you start doing live tweaks, it would be a great way to simply solo the track quickly to see what’s there in the headphones without stopping everything else going to the main/individual outs.

Damn that would be cool!


Yes yes yes, cueing would be awesome for livejamming! +1