Option for "Cue/Preview Only" from headphone port?

I use a small mixer for previewing sounds from a few devices/instruments in collaborative situations. Its nice to be able to preview things to decide if i like them before hearing them in the main mix.
Is it possible to make an option to remove the main “Mix Out” audio from the headphone port?

I use a small 5 channel mixer [a cheap Nady] for all my previewing as well as the main headphone mix:

  1. 1/4" Headphone signal from a Rane 72 (with the cue/mix knob on 100% cue 0% mix)
  2. 1/4" stereo preview from my synth mixer
  3. 1/4" stereo from my workstation soundcard with ableton click-track and ableton preview only
  4. 1/4" Headphone from the S2400
  5. Master/Program mix from a different soundcard and mixer chain

It all works well except for when i need to preview the S2400 because the Headphone port contains the main mix, which doubles it in my headphones because i already have the s2400 in the master/program mix.

I think my setup is a bit unique, but it would be handy for alot of people in live or improv situations.


You can set input monitor to only headphones and I’m pretty sure you can set headphones as output channel for browser preview to. Not sure though. There is a settings menu for preview channel and volume, have you checked there?

It’s one of the F-keys when in browser view, press 0 to see which F-key.

I made a feature request for having an option to have the solo button cue the track to the headphone output only. That would be great when jamming with other people and doing stuff live.

I rarely solo tracks in those kinds of situations and an option for the the solo button to be a headphone cue button would be much more useful.

Oh, SUPER idea. Seconded!


Yup, i’ve got all the preview stuff coming out of the Headphone port, but i’d like to remove the Mix Out from it.

I see!