Option for “Cue/Preview Only” from headphone port?

I posted this previously in the general forum and realized i should have posted in Feature Requests:

I use a small mixer for previewing sounds from a few devices/instruments in collaborative situations. Its nice to be able to preview things to decide if i like them before hearing them in the main mix.
Is it possible to make an option to remove the main “Mix Out” audio from the headphone port?

I use a small 5 channel mixer [a cheap Nady] for all my previewing as well as the main mix:

1/4" Headphone signal from a Rane 72 (with the cue/mix knob on 100% cue 0% mix)
1/4" stereo preview from my synth mixer
1/4" stereo from my workstation soundcard with ableton click-track and ableton preview only
1/4" Headphone from the S2400
Master/Program mix from a different soundcard and mixer chain

It all works well except for when i need to preview the S2400 because the Headphone port contains the main mix, which doubles it in my headphones because i already have the s2400 in the master/program mix.

I think my setup is a bit unique, but it would be handy for alot of people in live or improv situations.

In short form: I do not want to hear the main output of the machine from the headphone port, only the cue/preview.


It’s not really clear to me what you are requesting, I’m afraid! I see a lot of context details, but maybe the request could be simplified?

Is it that you only want to monitor sampling through headphones, without the mix out going there as well?

I have a similar request Live Performance Feature: Pre-fader CUE here, but maybe it’s not exactly the same. Either way, yes, the HP out bus should have way more selectivity in order to be useful in the heart of a modern studio. That’s the purpose of such a bus.

I only want cue/preview from the headphone port… sampling and live looper preview (Input Monitor) and sample selection preview. For me i wouldn’t use the sampling and live looper preview much (because i preview sounds outside of the s2400 elsewhere), but i need to be able to discretely preview samples without hearing the main mix out.

I provided context to explain why someone would need the function, and how its possible with every other piece of gear in the chain. “Is it possible to make an option to remove the main ‘Mix Out’ audio from the headphone port?” sums it up i think.

I read the post you included, a bit different than what i’m looking for but i’d love to see them get this thing to the point where its perfect for live/jam/collaborative use. For me it’s allllmost there, just this (seemingly) tiny bit of work on headphone previewing.


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