Small samples not auditioning after update

Noticed that smaller samples/ one-shots don’t seem to be auditioning when assinging a sound. Auditions longer samples, short fills - really just seems to be one-shots. I did the newest FW update last night.

Can you please upload here one or two of the samples that do not audition?

Hey Mickey will do, on the day job right now so will do so asap this afternoon. I should have also mentioned that the one shot samples I was auditioning were for a pad that I’d already assigned a one-shot kick to, reversed and recorded. Was then trying to audition other kicks to compare their reversed sound during playback. The kicks wouldn’t audition statically or during playback (maybe had a tail on them and thus some silence in reverse), but the longer-ish samples that would audition were not reversed.

I’m also just now seeing the bug patch to the FW update, which I’ll install this afternoon. I guess I should ask though, is it even possible to audition a sample in reverse? Thinking about it now my guess is no you can’t, given that in “audition mode” none of the other parameters from a recorded track apply to the new sample until fully assigned to pad.

Samples do not audition in reverse. The reverse function does not play samples backwards, it reverses the actual sample data. So, reverse is not really a parameter it is an action that happened.

That makes sense, so that’s likely it during playback - still odd that it wouldn’t audition them while not playing back, just as they are on the SD card no? Many of the one-shots I tried were actually from the internal packs. Could it be because the track I was assigning to was already reversed? I’ll update with the patch tonight, try again and report back.

were you auditioning while a pattern was playing? could have been choked by other sounds.

Tried while playing and while not. I’ve been keeping each track on it’s own channel early on to avoid choking but will have to doublecheck this instance. I’ve been able to record a pattern - say just kick ch1, snare ch2 and hats ch3 - go to reassign one of the pads, audition samples and actually hear the new auditioned kick/snare/hat play with the pattern - have even have been able to tweak parameters on the new sample all before actually assigning it, and exiting the assign screen would just revert to the original sample I recorded.

I digress because that still works, just something about this instance when the recorded sample has been reversed - I’ll doublecheck that I had the channels set properly because this was a brand new project. (I’m trying to interpolate a very famous beat with reversed drums). Apologies for all this info thrown at you without my machine in front of me to confirm my end - going off memory from last night but I’ll be doublechecking all in about 2 hours.