Selecting/ Auditioning samples

Hey guys, I just updated to latest FW. I notice now I can no longer trigger samples as I’m selecting them? You used to be able to scroll through your usb and the sound plays once as you scroll down the list (as it does now), but you used to be able to land on a sample without selecting it to a pad but still be able to trigger it with a pad hit. Has this been changed? Can we get it back to doing this? Also can all the parameter controls (pitch, filter etc…) affect it before we choose to load the sample?


This bug has been reported multiple times. It is fixed in dev.

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Thanks for the update. Pardon my naivety, but What does fixed in dev exactly mean? -It has been fixed by developers and will be updated in the next update?

Exactly. “In dev” means in the development version of the software. It will then go to beta, then to production.

Hey @Pesh909, I think you can workaround this by loading any sample to the pad first and then going to load another one. If the pad is blank, that’s when it doesn’t work.

Thanks I’ll get a session in this weekend and give it a try.