Shift button no longer toggles/stays held

Turned my 2400 after a month or 2 of no use, and as the title says, now the shift button no longer stays pressed/toggles.

Any ideas?


Does it feel different than the other buttons physically? Like loose or not clicking?

Nah. It seems to randomly work now, kinda worrying. Machine’s had very little use as well, so not like any buttons have been hammered.

same here :confused: probability of it turning on is like 50% now.
But if I hit it, it works every time.

Randomly working now as in its working normally now with no explanation why it wasn’t before? Or as in only working sometimes?

Initially randomly, then it was fine again. Strange, here’s hoping it’s just a freak one off.

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boooo :frowning: hopefully this won’t continue - keep your eye on it and touch base with them if it crops up on repeat, they are pretty damn great at clearing issues in my experience

may i suggest using it more? i know that sounds daft but i have seen many pieces of gear go wonky after lack of use, especially after being packed away for long periods

Yeah I do really need to use it more… I will def be keeping an eye on it anyhow, and will pop back in here to update if it happens again. :+1: