She arrived today

As others have stated on the 'gram and I stated in the GS thread. My S2400 arrived today. Really happy with the case, and the build quality of the hardware. Software is mostly intuitive, but I have a few nights of fooling around with it to get truly comfortable. I am thinking I will take this box away from my music room and just plug in headphones and an SD card and figure the thing out. Faders feel like magvel faders on the lightest setting, pads are hard enough to drum and bounce off of, but then have a slightly memory foam quality where they sink in. Very nice feel. I got SN 78 and thus far have not had any issues with the unit.(only spent about 20 minutes or so playing around on it thus far)



How does it sound? How is the bottom end punch? I know it depends on the sample quality but still - humor us (if you can take your hands off it)

pumped for ya bro

did that sound american enough from this cold wet englishman :rofl:

in all seriousness i am looking forward to hearing from all you lucky lot, it is so nice to see it landing in buyers hands

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Cheers mate. :joy:

Jamie Munro is the official good vibes ambassador for the s2400.

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:rofl: :rofl:

just playing my part

Hey freestyler- so far I like what I hear. I don’t think it’s 100% sp-1200 but didn’t expect that either. It’s close though so don’t think I am knocking it. I was able to shake my room plenty by loading my 808 samples in it. Tomorrow the goal is to try the sampling inputs vs just loading a file off sd card. I will sample my prophet 10, my tr-808, and my mks-80 along with some classic breaks from vinyl.


'78 was a fine year imo.

Thanks SAP! Glad to hear your feedback. I will watch this space for more flash updates. Super excited.