SH-101 Sync via clock out

hello all,
not sure if this is just an ignorant question or a feature request. I’m interested in syncing my SH-101 with the S2400… clock output from the 2400 into the ‘EXT CLK IN’ on the 101. So far I haven’t been able to work it out, but I’m not the most experienced with this stuff.

I understand that I can sync via MIDI (which my 101 has) or by a dedicated channel output but I was hoping the 1/8" clock output could do the same thing. thanks in advance and apologies for my ignorance! continued praise to the Isla Instruments team ::: dream team, dream machine. CHEERS

Oh yes, great question!

Try this: Program a clock out on the S2400, maybe 16th notes (all the steps).
Then connect your clock out to the SH-101 ext clock input (you’ll need a mono 3.5mm to 1/4 mono cable).
On the SH-101 either turn on the arpeggiator, or program a little sequence (anything)
Start the S2400
Press play on the SH-101


This can get really fun when you start playing around with the programming of the clock out track.
Rather than 16th notes, why not 8th notes? Or maybe a pattern of 5?
One of my favorite things to do.

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I liked this question so much I wrote it up and posted it to my instagram for you.

I give a brief visual of how to do it, and then a close up of the screen with the sync settings.
And in the (long) caption, I describe the process with details.

I hope you try this, and get into it. There’s so much here, and the S2400 does it beautifully.


Mr. Sunshine! thank you SO MUCH for these replies… had been working down that path but I must have blown it somewhere along the line :slight_smile:

pretty sure I saw your earlier video syncing the 101 and 2400 – so great and inspiring! I’m a fan of your work and really grateful you would take the time to help a bonehead like me! I will definitely be having a look at your Instagram tutorial (I’ll even download the app again…) :: CHEERS


Yeah these two machines have a natural affinity for one another I think.


@stebmoses You’re not a bonehead. You’re learning. It’s a beautiful thing!!!

confused here, why would you need to program the clock out in to the seq:?

none of my analogue clock need programming, this is akin to 1step gate then based on your words above @Sunshine ? so not really clock.

or is it because the 101 is accepting trig in and not actual clk in this example?

You can just let the clock which comes out play… and then literally sync the sequencer or the arpeggiator with that clock. 16th notes, or 8th notes. Yes.

And then you can go further, and manually program a pattern which acts as a clock (advancing the sequence one step per pulse) and that’s fun, and creative, and can get really interesting.

Try it. It’s not confusing once you do it to it. It’s another way of playing with time in a phrase.

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oh i use all manners of trigs with other gear so yeah i know the benefits and creativity it can spawn, just glad i cleared it up that we were talking the same , it is nice to know it can fire triggered patterns as well as clk

not got my 2400 yet unfortunately, its been a long year wait so far, soon i hope