Midi Sync issue [RESOLVED]

Hi guys,

I have a question about midi sync. My setup and issues:

Main clock Keystep Pro, sending notes and clock via Midi Din to the S2400. The S2400 Sync setting is set to Midi Din. From the midi output I want to sequence external sequencers for example the microfreak sequencer but it does not work. The Midi Din Jack settings are all enabled. It sends out notes and velocity but no clock. The S2400 sequencer starts and plays perfectly in sync with the clock receiving from the Keystep.
When i change the sync setting on the S2400 to internal the sync via midi works to external sequencers. Everything is playing correctly. Even I can start and stop the S2400 from the keystep, but of course without the right information. The S2400n receives no clock anymore because it’s setup to internal. Do I overlook something?
Thx for the help!

I just checked what happens when I use an USB kabel from the Keystep to the USB Host and set the clock source to USB Host-> everything works correctly. It’s another cable but I will keep it like that. Still I want to report the MIDI clock issue.

For your Microfreak to receive clock, you’d want to use the THRU port on your S2400 instead of the OUT.

Yes I figured that out too, but then I can’t use the midi banks to record midi notes via the Keystep into the Isla to sequence the microfreak. Weirdly enough if I send a clock via USB to the S2400 the microfreak gets clocked via the midi out correctly. (there are more instruments then the microfreak in the chain, all connected to a channel in the midibank and all have the same issue, note data works but receiving no clock when using Midi in and midi out for that)

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Sync by Midi DIN from DAW → Yes,my S2400 still Start/Stop when I set to internal clock. This should be fixed.

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