Start/stop when syncing to external midi

Question about midi sync.
When i am syncing the s2400 to external midi clock (in my case Pamela’s Workout’s midi clock output expander), it starts the s2400 sequence when i press start on Pam’s, but i loose the ability start/stop the sequence on the s2400. On other gear i’ve worked with, the start/stop button on the device thats being externally clock still function. It’s important because it can otherwise be difficult to get multiple sequencers to start and just the right time if you can’t start/stop them individually after the are receiving external clock.

For example, i press start on my master clock and it starts the s2400, and also starts a couple modular sequencers (some maybe with no reset), but maybe some of the sequencers are a pulse or two behind where the should be, so i would like the ability to stop the s2400 and start it at the right time by hitting play at the right moment. It seems this is not possible, or am i missing something?


Shift+Run/Stop will force a start when externally synced.

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I wonder why the Shift key is necessary, it feels like an extra step. If I set the 2400 to sync to external MIDI Clock the machine knows to prioritize/listen for external MIDI clocks and start/stop messages but if the user simply presses record/play the machine should run nonetheless either synced to incoming MIDi clock or if those are missing with it’s own tempo. The Cirklon sequencer does this and it has a very simple feel to it. Maybe it could be simplified on the 2400, too?

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