Midi sync mode 'Auto'

This is pretty simple… a midi sync mode that allows the unit to be in midi slave mode but if you press the play button it will resume playing with its internal clock.


When the clock is set to an external source, when you press Shift+Run it will play using its internal clock.

ah got it. thtanks !

Shift+Run works, but still simply “hitting Run in any sync mode” would be better :slight_smile: Roland TR-8S does (I think octatrack too) auto sync and quite handy. I would love to have this feature please!

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hey, @satoshitomiie welcome to the forum… also I’m a fan of your music!

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Thanks… I am new to this forum as well as lovely S2400. I was a heavy user of SP and MPC in the past, still so gutted to let them go many years ago but really happy to be back on a drum sampler. Loving the machine so far!

yes, I sold my MPC 3000 4 years ago and now the prices are double, I wish I hadn’t done that. but I still have my SP1200 thankfully.

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