SD Kit Crashes / Complete Blank Pads [IN PROGRESS]

Experiencing kits dropping out when recording. All samples drops and I have to completely reboot the machine. To clarify:

  1. Load Kit from SD.
  2. Noodle with beats, prepare to record.
  3. All sounds drop from kit and reloading any new kit will not load samples.

Although trying to reload the kit states “samples loaded” no samples nor kit is functional.

Please send to admin.

Is this happening will all kits or just one particular kit? Can you confirm that the bank you are recording with is the same bank that the samples are in?

Thank you for the follow-up:

  1. This issue happens in all SD kits (factory kits work correctly).

  2. If you mean: ‘Bank A => Pad 1 => Assign Sound => Record (Pad 2, Pad 3,etc.) => Record’ then yes, banks recorded have samples pre-assigned.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jann!

You can upload your project files from a failing project here for the team to reproduce. If you have something special going on in the project that you wouldn’t want for others to see/hear, you can send the files to @Mickey in a private message.

Unfortunately, your report isn’t very clear and I would recommend that you try to narrow down the scope of the problem as much as possible to help the team figure this out. You can do this by figuring out the minimum amount of steps that are necessary in order to reproduce it.

All of us would appreciate it greatly!

I understand. I will upload project files for analysis and table the steps to reproduce the issue.

Thanks again for the feedback!