Internal sample library missing

Hi ,I only seem to have kenny dope on sample library am only showing yyyyyyyy.yyy symbols in the Lisa v and kid sc folders ,with no sounds, am on latest firmware, am I missing something or just human error ?

I had this issue. It might have been fixed in the upgrade. When it happened I’d go to load kit and it would say no files found. But if I browse files the sounds are there. Is it because the sound directory has no created “kit”? If I select say 8-32 sounds will it become a kit as opposed to a project? Slight confusion on this point, saving as an internal kit versus project.

I can move files to the sd card and load them to pads.

i made an error moving zipped files to the card. If libraries are zipped (my samples from MARS files) you should unzip your zipped libraries to the card directory in usb msc mode.

no problems moving updates to card root.;

Correction to my comments. Load Kit Internal On some artists in load kit it returns no files found.

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I have this same issue. Missing a bunch of sounds it seems.

I have the same issue with my internal files. Most are not there when I try to load them. Any more thoughts on how to reload the internal sounds?

I contacted support , raised a ticket,and it got sorted out

cheers. Ill do that

Cool. I’m having the same issue. Can load kits, but corresponding all of the project folders says “no files found”. Was a change needed for you? I’ve updated to the Feb’21 OS already.

Think there is only kits and library sounds on internal sounds there isn’t any projects

Well on my s2400 there isn’t or hasn’t been since I got it

Thanks. Support’s helping me too. Anyone else having missing project files or sample lib’s needs to contact support to get help reflashing the internal banks.