No sound no internal files

Manual says 2400 should be ready to sound on power on. I get nothing and no files found in internal kits/samples. Please advise.

There is a bug in the February updates that does not load the default kit when started with no SD card.

To load an internal kit, press Shift+File, select Load Kit, browse to the folder you want, press enter.

yup, I figured it out. I can load Kits, However, the Sample folders are all empty.

btw, I’m watching you on the Ken Flux stream. - Since you were inolved w the UI, some related q’s: (1) is there a shortcut method to access deep-menu items by keying in a sequence, eg shift-423 to Load Kit/Internal/Kits. (2) why can’t we navigate to parent folder (of Load Kit up to File Menu for example)?

When you select “Load Kit” only KIT files are shown, not WAV files.
Clicking the up arrow character, or pressing Shift+Back goes up a level.
I recommend reading the manual sections “Browsing Files and Folders” on page 12, and “Assigning Sounds to Tracks” on page 16.

There’s no arrow and shift-back does not go from Load Kit back up to File Menu.

Will you consider keyed-in path navigation, which is faster

The Back button exits the file browser back to the File menu.