SD Card Only Error

Ever since I updated to the latest firmware, I’ve been having a strange issue when trying to save new samples. If I try to save to folder, it default opens to one of my sub-folders and if I try to drill up to my main SD Card directory, it gives me the error “SD Card Only.”

I’m not trying to navigate out of the SD Card but it’s blocking me from getting to my other folders. If I just go to the file browser, I can navigate normally and access all of my folders. So it isn’t an issue with the SD card directories not being recognized or read properly. I also tried to re-install the latest firmware to see if that would have any effect and… no dice.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this error? I’m not 100% sure it is an S2400 issue vs. an SD card issue so I didn’t want to post it under S2400 bugs. I have been using this SD card without any issues for the last 2 years though.

I take it that others haven’t experienced this problem? Maybe I should try getting a new SD card and seeing if that fixes the problem. Anyone have any SD cards they recommend? I’m currently using a SanDisk Extreme 64GB.

Just try a different SD Card (make/capacity/model). Recommending specific SD Cards destroys the purpose of the interface and compatibility making it harder for everyone else.

Format it on the device and see if that works for you.

As for fixing your existing card, you might want to try backing up your project directories only, formatting the SD Card on the device and then copying the project files back in.

So, I tried reformatting the card in the S2400 and reloading my folders back on from my computer. That caused the same issue to happen.

The solution I found was creating another sub-folder to house all of my samples. Now I’m able to navigate through all of the SD card when I try to save a new sample. Strange error… still not sure what caused it to happen initially.

My guess is that it might be a corrupt file or a directory. You could probably isolate the issue by loading directories one by one

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