S2400 usb host world - host w the most

USB Host is an exciting feature for myself and others.

As an owner of multiple samplers, I’ve found myself wanting to be able to do several things and the S24 seems like it can fulfill some nerd fantasies, which I spoke on on the GS page but most suiting here.

1 - hook a usb hub, have a typing keyboard on one of the ports. This seems like is being implemented, this will be great for naming files and perhaps even some navi elements/shortcuts/easter eggs

2 - have multiple devices accessible through the connected USB hub, e.g. have the typing keyboard connected, while other devices such as USB midi controller(s) and USB flash storage drives also connected.

3 - most excited to have possibility to connect a multi card USB card reader, mass storage device to it, possibly being able to then open files from cards from other samplers and move them around, doing basic file tasks within the machine, saving steps and file tasks on a computer.

USB host is a great addition, I am very happy to have it, thank you for its inclusion. I really will be happy to have basic use of connecting flash drives and typing keyboard, but if hub and multi card reader would work, would be killer.


Another for vote for being able to use a USB hub. Mainly to be able to use more than one USB midi device for sequencing. Don’t really need the keyboard input and mass storage stuff atm. Its just a bit of a pain chaining din cables. Pretty Please

The microcontroller used in the S2400 does not support USB hubs.

Crosslink to USB Keyboard support request: Usb keboard support for text input and total remote madness

Feb 24 2022 - usb typing keyboard wish granted and in FW THANKS!!! :fire: :pray: