Loading sounds from a USB drive

I have a kit that I want to load from a USB thumb drive. Not seeing the drive show up when I enter FILE mode. Is this possible/how would I load a kit that’s not on my SD card? Thanks in advance.

You can’t plug a USB drive directly into the s2400 and add files from it. You would need to connect the 2400 to your computer that has the thumb drive inserted, put the 2400 in USB MSC mode and then drop the folder or files into your S2400 that way.

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Thank you, much appreciated. One more question. Do you happen to know what the “USB host” slot is used for/what it’s purpose is?

It is for plugging in a USB MIDI controller/keyboard or a computer keyboard (for typing).

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Understood, thank you very much :pray:t2:

random FYI, you can also use a USB switch to switch between your computer and the S2400. My computer keyboard is super nice lol, and I use my S2400 also as a DAW controller so it made sense. I got one with a remote that’s the size of a quarter.

Oh cool, very interesting, thank you for this bit of knowledge. :pray: