Usb keboard support for text input and total remote madness

i know there is a similar post from december, but it is not very precise. so this would be my request: please add usb keyboard support for naming stuff. my nerdy self would want a remappable list of keys with all s2400 hw keys being able to be mapped to keys on a keyboard, so it could be mostly controlled by a usb keyboard. :slight_smile:


+1 for this feature.

On eof the absolute best productivity features of my old trusty E-mu Emulator 4 is the QWERTY keyboard support. Then more recently Akai with the MPC Live / One / X line has also implemented this awesome feature on the USB bus.

Holy cow what a time saver that is. Would be really cool if the S2400 had this QWERTY Keyboard feature. Trying to name files and keep organized with the present entry method is a PITA time suck.


Definite life improvement feature. I love old-style samplers (heck, my main workhorse keyboard sampler is an EPS) but entering sample names, etc, is as tedious as it gets, which is already a leaking bucket when dealing with the sorts of workflows on machines like this.