Usb Keyboard shortcut keys

Hiya guys,

First off, a big thank for the new update, you guys done great.

I love the fact we can use a normal keyboard via USB.

Can I ask for a request?

you think we could mayb have more shortcut keys?

Eg. Space bar could be start and stop?
R for record

(also the caps lock feature on keyboard ain’t working at the moment, could we have a CAPs ability?)

Kind regards


Fully agree, this would be a perfect compliment, almost turn your keyboard into a midi controller. Even just basic transport control and navigation of the sequencer screen. I know it’s not a computer but it would be a nice simple add on anyone could benefit from. It def doesn’t need it but perhaps it’s easy to implement some further control.

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I’ve been using a little mini keyboard to name things on the s2400 and it is really nice, I hate naming with an encoder. I was wondering if the functionality isn’t all there though. For example there are random keys that don’t work when the keyboard is plugged into the s2400 that do work when it is plugged into my computer. For example caps lock doesn’t work on the s2400. I also can’t type a ‘?’ and some other miscellaneous characters. Just nothing shows up. Is this the case for everyone or is my keyboard just a bit flaky with the s2400?

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