Usb Keyboard shortcut keys

Hiya guys,

First off, a big thank for the new update, you guys done great.

I love the fact we can use a normal keyboard via USB.

Can I ask for a request?

you think we could mayb have more shortcut keys?

Eg. Space bar could be start and stop?
R for record

(also the caps lock feature on keyboard ain’t working at the moment, could we have a CAPs ability?)

Kind regards


Fully agree, this would be a perfect compliment, almost turn your keyboard into a midi controller. Even just basic transport control and navigation of the sequencer screen. I know it’s not a computer but it would be a nice simple add on anyone could benefit from. It def doesn’t need it but perhaps it’s easy to implement some further control.

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I’ve been using a little mini keyboard to name things on the s2400 and it is really nice, I hate naming with an encoder. I was wondering if the functionality isn’t all there though. For example there are random keys that don’t work when the keyboard is plugged into the s2400 that do work when it is plugged into my computer. For example caps lock doesn’t work on the s2400. I also can’t type a ‘?’ and some other miscellaneous characters. Just nothing shows up. Is this the case for everyone or is my keyboard just a bit flaky with the s2400?

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Support for CapsLock has been added to the next release.

If @rajesh_mall @Leighty @marugenji or anyone else has an interest in adding more keyboard shortcuts, here’s your chance. It is quick to implement most shortcuts, but time consuming to come up with the map (i.e. list of keys and their function). So, maybe the user community could do that part?

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Nice! Some thoughts, sorry if some of this is already done…haven’t yet got a USB keyboard to test current functionality.

In Step Program ;

  • Arrow keys navigate steps and up/down grid.
  • Shift+Arrow selects events
  • Ctrl+C = copy events
  • Ctrl+V = enters copy paste menu (same as pressing 7 on the S2400 itself)
  • Delete enters step erase mode


  • Arrows generally used to navigate list screens
  • Enter key generally used to unfold lists or go into sub menus
  • 1 to 8 select the pads on current bank
  • ‘-’ toggles to previous bank and ‘+’ toggles to next bank
  • in fact Ctrl+C should imitate the ‘Copy’ button and ‘Delete’ should imitate ‘Erase’

They are the basics I could think of. This is pretty cool concept as my S2400 isn’t always in reach, so keyboard as rough remote controller is actually a really neat idea for my use case anyway. Dont get me wrong all of the above is simply a nice to have. But reckon I would use it for sure given the way I have things setup.

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What do you mean by “currently selected track” or “select the pads”?
There is no real concept of a selected track.

Good point. Removed the line about entering events.

Hi @Mickey, thank you for getting back to us on this tread.

Heres some I can think of from the top of my head (mayb to many, apologies, im sorry) I understand you can’t do all of them & some won’t make sense, but heres a few of my suggestions.

Space bar = stop and play
R = record & stop record
Shift & A
U plus arrow keys(</>) for undo and redo.
Enter = go to beginning
numbers 1-8 could trigger each pad.
Shift could mayb go through banks?
C= be cycle or loop mode?
M= turn on and off metronome
Shift+Z resets all faders to zero.
Hold T and press -/+ for time stretch
Hold P and press -/+ for pitch stretch
Shift+ 1/8 mutes or solos that pad.
S=Step mode
T= TR mode
Hold commend and -/+ for panning that pad
Hold E and -/+ for effects control
Shift+S =save
L=live looping
M=multi mode
T=tempo button
Shift+S =swing
Shift+R= round house Robins.

Again these are just suggestions
feel free to add or take away your own ideas @everyone

I hope this made sense to you mick, its 6am here and im semi dyslexic…

All the best bro.

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ignore shift+A
had a suggestion, but completely forgot it.


Maybe I should have started by stating what keys are already active.

Keyboard S2400
Left/Up Arrow Left Arrow
Right/Down Arrow Right Arrow
Enter Enter
Escape Back
0 - 9 0 - 9
F1 - F9 F1 - F9
F10/Help Help
A - H Change Bank

We could free up the letters A-H by making the B key exactly the same as the S2400 Bank key. Then you could also use Shift+B and B+# to change banks.


The A and B buttons sort of act like context based function keys. I think it could make sense to make F11->A and F12->B

I’d love to see the programming section keys mapped somehow (primarily the shift functions), but the keypad F keys are all mapped to the keyboard F keys.

I also think that the banks and tracks could share a similar selection scheme, since they’re both a grouping of 8. 1-8 for tracks, Shift or CTRL + 1-8 for banks. I’m personally not a fan of explicitly mapping A->A (etc) because then your hands are moving all over the keyboard. But again this is personal

Which of the 8 sets of A&B buttons?

Only in TR Mode is there a “selected” track.

:man_facepalming: yeah still getting to grips that what’s “in focus” is not always a track/sound

edit: could be F11 + # (for A), F12 + # (for B)

In TR Mode, if you could some how have a combo to input upto 8 or 16 steps. Maybe F8+1-8 for inputs F8+ ‘-’ or ‘+’ to cycle to next 8 steps. Admittedly if that’s just a clusterfuck in real life then prob not worth it. But entering steps somehow via a keyboard would be a nice alternative to the weird rubber feel of the mute solo buttons. It’s def just an idea! Would rather see other features implements / bugs fixed.

Love ya work. Liking some of the other suggestions above!

arrow keys for file browsing,

right key plays WAV file or opens folder.
left key takes you to the top of the folder or goes back to the previous folder if at the top already. so double press to get to previous folder.