Navigating with a USB keyboard?

Can you navigate to and through menus etc with a USB keyboard?

And is there a list of available keyboard shortcuts (if such a thing exists)?

I keep a TKL keyboard close by for naming files. The most useful thing I found other than that is switching banks. If I think about it, I will explore it some more and get back to you. I don’t think it has a lot of functionality though (other than what I mentioned).

Ah OK thanks! Yeah, I was aware you can type, which is cool. Was just thinking if you could navigate the machine and it’s menus with a keyboard, I think you could set up a stream deck for extremely quick navigation of the machine, and it would be fully customisable to how you’d like it.

I actually tried a few more things and realized that you can navigate the menus. It is a little weird because left and right arrows on the keyboard move up and down. Enter clicks into the menu. Escape is like hitting the back button. I 100% think it is worth having a keyboard plugged in. Not sure about the customization though. Maybe in the future!

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Ah nice! Will have to have another mess around with a keyboard soon then :slight_smile:

Was going to get a mini-keyboard for file-naming and stuff.

I bought the hyper x alloy origins aluminum tenkeyless and it is fantastic. USB C plugs into the keyboard itself so you can get it out of the way easily.

All I have found for keyboard bindings is the typing filenames and side arrows/enter thing. I’d love to know if there was a sneaky way to map it one’s self.

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You can change banks for sure. Press the letter of the bank you want to go to.

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Cool cool, was hoping you could navigate to the different menus, would be cool if that was possible at some point