Compatible USB Keyboard (QWERTY)

New to the group and my S2400! I see suggestions of using a keyboard for renaming kits etc however I don’t see any compatible keyboard suggested. I tried an older USB Apple keyboard and it doesn’t work or light up. Any suggestions on what does work? Thanks!

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Should just be a standard one in the USB host port. If the s2400 is asleep, maybe that’s why it doesn’t light up.

Go to any menu and see if the ← and → keys do anything?

Thanks. Yeah its awake but doesn’t control anything… caps lock light doesn’t illuminate either… oh well… will find cheap small keyboard on Amazon

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I use a MCSaite super mini wired keyboard Amazon 24.99

Ive not been able to get my Raspberry Pi 4 keyboard to work, just FYI for anyone out there.

Some of the older mac keyboards aren’t recognized. A few of us confirmed this in a post from the beginning of this year.

klim light v2 wireless keyboard


Funky lights also.

Hey Danty, i got a MediaRange MROS112 that works very well. Its really small and therefor fits nicely next to the S2400. The only thing is, that i once had it plugged in by accident while trying to upgrade the S2400 OS and that did not go well at all. But i guess that happens with all Keyboards.

My Roccat Vulcan seems to work. I wouldn’t buy this JUST for the S2400 lol, but it’s my PC keyboard and I’m using a USB switch to swap between the PC and S2400 as needed. It’s great.

I opted for one with a remote since the switch itself had USB ports on two sides and I like my desk to be tidy…

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