Rex File Support?

Would be super-neato if the S24 could read REX and/or REX2 files. I have a ton of homemade .rx2 files and still use Recycle to this day.

Have no idea what the LOE would be for something like this or if it’s even feasible via firmware update, but wanted to start the conversation at least.



I want to ditto this!

This would be problematic I think. S2400 only allows for 8 slices (well, 9 if you count the original sample pad). Recycle allows for up to 99. What would you do with RX2 files that had more than 9 slices?


I’d really like Rex file support as well. It’s why I use Maschine and MPC Live so much as well as countless sample player vsts.

None of my rex files are 99 slices.
How about an option to load the first 32 slices (4 banks of 8) just like it already loads the rest of the sounds In a folder by default?

Or at least give me the full loop from the Rex file to rechop on the dos mil cuatrocientos (2400)

It would save me from having to relocate all of my breakbeats and to chop and at least give me a starting point for the full loop in the Rex file to be chopped.

Perhaps expansion of more than 4 banks, a bank A1, A2 etc.

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