Renaming project directory results in "Error Rename Failed" [FIXED]


Renaming a directory with the project Bossa1 to BOSSA1 on SD Card results in Error Rename Failed
You can find the complete project directory compressed in a zip file here:

Here are the project files in case you don’t want to download the zip file. Although, there’s probably more value in looking at the actual project directory (linked to google drive above):
Project034bug.KIT (119 Bytes)
Bossa1.S24 (14.5 KB) (7.5 KB)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Turn on S2400
  2. Press Shift+File to open file menu
  3. Navigate to Browse Files
  4. Navigate to /SD Card/PROJECTS/
  5. Place cursor at project directory Bossa1/
  6. Press F6 to rename the directory. Delete the existing name and input BOSSA1 and press Ok (F3?)
  7. Observe error on screen

Expected Behavior

It is expected to be able to rename project directories on SD Card.


Keep in mind that I formatted my SD Card in the unit yesterday. This is a project that I loaded back from my computer. The project is completely empty minus the time sig setting. It may or may not be related to this bug (I have not had this problem before formatting last time): Incorrect directories created when loading project/kit from a formatted SD Card

Thanks for reporting. Bug logged. The problem is when changing the case, but not the name. In the meantime, change it to BOSSA2 and it’ll work fine. :+1: