"Project Filename Exists" warning when saving a project with existing name

Hi there Isla team - hats off to the great work here!

I typically save my projects titled as dates with number extensions if I make multiple in a day (e.g. “12-16-20” next one “12-16-20-2”).

Yesterday I used the wrong date by accident and overwrote an existing project I had created. The original project files are still in the project folder although I can’t load back up the session, patterns, etc. as I think when I overwrote it saved my blank pattern over the original .S24 project file.

Anyways a warning to avoid stupid mistakes like this in the future would be helpful with a simple “Project Filename Exists you Nimrod” :wink: - thank you all :beer:!


Has this been fixed? This morning I accidently did this again and it looked like it overwrote the file, but I shut my machine off immediately once it happened because I didn’t want to ruin my previous session…

Also I should’ve posted this in bugs report thread…

It is on the to-do list. Sorry it did not make it into the last release.

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Excited about the new release!! I didn’t notice this in the release notes, do you know whether this remains on the roadmap? Thank you and the entire team so much for all your hard work!

Yes, it is in the new firmware.