'Save As' should default to current project name please

Request: ‘Save As’ should default to current saved project name please :slight_smile: @Mickey

Example: If I am working on a project I have already saved as ‘Funky 01’ and I go to ‘Save As’, expected/desired behaviour would be to see ‘Funky 01’ in the LED display (enabling me to call it ‘Funky 02’ or choose a new name completely. Actual behaviour is it brings up ‘Project00x’ as if I was saving a new project from scratch.


I find this to be counterintuitive. I really on the save as feature specifically for instances when I want to name the current project something other than what it is.

You can save as whatever you like but i suggest that in a save dialog it’s more helpful to see the name of the current project. Deleting it completely if you want is just a key press.

it’s not a big request tbh, i just thought it was more standard behaviour to see current name before you decide to change it.

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i also would like to see this feature.
even better would be if there would be a “save as a copy” option, so you can quickly make copys of a project, without rename it to anything.


I can see having ‘Save as’ defaulting to the currently named project resulting in easily accidentally overwriting the state of your current file when the intent was to save a new instance of the current project. Instead, I would think a ‘save as’ that defaults to the current project name with a number increment appended would help accidental overwrites from occurring. I.e. if the current project is called ‘project’, selecting ‘save as’ would then automatically show in the dialog “project_01” for example…

As far as I can remember standard behaviour in all the software I use is to have the existing file name in the field when you go to ‘save as’ and if you keep the same filename when saving it has a pop up like "filename exists are you sure you want to overwrite?’

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Good suggestion.

This could probably be included in the “use last setting” suggestion I had a while back.

My suggestion was to have the S2400 use your last saved name for samples in the same way, so you could take multiple samples and only change the number at the end of the name for example.

It would be cool to either make it standard, or have an option to turn the “use last setting” option off too (some might want that I guess?).

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