Real time, time stretch

One could only dream :wink:


If the fx board can do it, I m ordering one :slight_smile:

In what sense? Like, you do you need to apply timestretch as a low latency DSP? Like if you were doing a live performance and wanted to pitch correct it?

Sorry, just trying to understand, but most people use their S2400 for offline style production / compositions anyway, right? In which case offline rendering would just be another part of that process.

In my recent forum post, I did something like this using external MIDI; I achieved a “realtime-ish” timestretch via the sequencer window of the software Renoise sending data to the S2400. I could increase the resolution and see how far I can push if before things break if there is interest. Regardless, this still requires “pre-meditation” because you have to sequence it. There are tools in renoise to do this quickly, but surely not as fast as just hitting the offline timestretch botton on the S2400.

Anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: