Question about USB audio OUT

Sorry for the noob question. I have zero experience with USB audio.

My behringer ada8200 died a couple of weeks ago. I was using it as an ADAT converter to record the S2400 separate outs. I was waiting until the new firmware update to decide if I buy another one or not.

My soundcard is a RME fireface UC. Is it possible to use the S2400 audio out in conjunction with the Fireface which is a USB interface as well? For those who know RME products the goal is to use totalmix, the software that work like a mixer to schematize, and to record everything in Reaper (DAW).

Does it seem possible? If no, I’ll just buy another ada8200.

I suppose there will be an explanation or a tutorial about USB audio soon but if someone already know it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The answer is yes, but how you do it depends on your OS. If you use MacOS you can create an aggregate device that is the union of inputs and outputs of both devices. On windows, I think you have to use an external tool like ASIO4All. I think it works similarly to mac, but its been a while since I messed with audio like that in windows. After you accomplish your device aggregation, you select said device in the DAW/AudioEditor/software of choice. Keep in mind you get the common denominator of bit depth/sample rate between the 2 devices. (meaning 16 or 24bit /48khz) so you cant run yer RME at 192khz and aggregate it with the 2400.


I use almost this exact same set up I have the RME UFX combined with the Focusrite Clarett OctoPre 8 and the ISLA running USB audio.

In the mac you just set up up as an aggregate and put them in the order you prefer with the primary clock coming from the RME in my case.

If it is a windows device you do have to do a work around as SAP said.

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Thank you very much for the answer guys. I use Windows. I ll check asio4all when I have more time this weekend :slight_smile:

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I have it working with Reaper in my setup. (screen capture 1)
I recommend this tutorial on how to install asio4all on Windows. Simple and efficient :slight_smile:

I hear and record a lot of glitches (screen capture 2).
Could it be because of the USB cable or a setting in the asio4all setup?
My computer is old. I bought it 6 years ago I think.

I think I’ll just buy another ADAT converter to keep using the S2400 smoothly and not think about it. Nevertheless, if this topic can help someone please feel free to give tips to try to solve glitch issues :slight_smile:


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In Reaper Preferences, try changing Sample Rate to 48000 and Block Size to 512 and see if that helps with the glitches (the “request” boxes should be ticked too).

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Dont want to open a new topic because of my questions, this one seems like a solid place to ask it :

Do we lose anything by using USB audio out instead of regular outs in terms of sound? Is the signal audio path the same for both?

Thank you

You lose the ability to use the analog filters. What you can do with them is limited and there are digital filters otherwise so it’s user preference in the end. :slight_smile:

Thanks it seems that it fixes the problem :slight_smile: I had glitches at first and then it disappeared. No problem for 15 minutes. I’ll double check next week when I have time to use the USB out longer.

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The signal path is not the same as tnkz76 said regarding the filters. However I don’t use them. I have to say I was fairly surprised at how good the USB audio sounded, I ended up preferring it which I truly did not anticipate. After beta testing it for a few weeks I decided to leave it in that mode indefinitely and freed up 8 ins on my patchbay.