Quantize Shift issue

Firm Ware installed:
UI: Feb 27 2021
AE: Feb 25 2021

When I attempt to apply the quantize shift to record the sound early with a negative number like -7. The S2400 shifts the snare to a positive number of +5 which is late . In the uploaded video the S2400 The Demo Link provided I have one snare that is pre-recorded on the 2 & 4. The pre-recorded snare is in place as a guide to verify that the 2nd snare that I’m recording live in the demo lands where I can I.D. whether the 2nd snare is quantized early or late.

Snare 1 assigned to:
Audio Channel 2
Alt Channel 2
Quantize Amount: 1/16
Quantize Shift: Default

Snare 2 assigned to:
Audio Channel 1
Alt Channel 1
Quantize Amount: 1/16
Quantize Shift: -7

I have also tried this with various other quantize settings and the S2400 changes the settings to a later positive quantize value as well.

Demo Bug Video Clip

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Thanks for the report. Seems like shift is only working on repeat, not on pressed pads. We’ll fix it.

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Fixed in dev. Will be in next update.


@Mickey SALUTE!!

I’ll pop a request in the manual section, but can you could add instruction on quantize shift to the next iteration of the manual?

@juniorg It is already in there under Track Settings.

Quant. Shift

The track specific quantization shift setting can be set to a specific number of 96 PPQN clock ticks. Using this setting, a track can be quantized, but actually trigger a few ticks before or after the true note. The range of the shift is +/- half of the quantization. For example, if the track is quantized to eighth notes, the range is +/- one sixteenth note. This setting is not on the quantize menu.


There it is, thanks @Mickey - was searching “quantize shift” w/o the abbreviation. I need to take my own advice and RTFM lol, not Ctrl+F to search for functions.

Ha! I actually debated spelling out the menu options. I decided on keeping them the same as on screen in case somebody did a Ctrl+F search.