Quantize Shift and the Downbeat

Not sure if this is a new firmware issue, but I don’t remember noticing it before.

When a positive Quantize Shift value is set, and a user hits the pad before the downbeat (during Count-in), the first note of the performance ignores the Quantize Shift value…and is placed right on the downbeat. The user has to hit the first note of their performance just behind the downbeat in order for the desired Quantize Shift value to be recorded correctly on the first pass.

The S2400 does record the first note correctly when it loops back around. So, if you play through the loop and hit the downbeat again, there will be a flam, because there will be a hit right on the downbeat, and a hit at the positive (delayed) Quantize Shift value.

I can understand this behavior when a negative Quantize Shift value is used, so the note is covered. But, with positive values, it’s creating an issue where I have to go back and delete these flam’d notes.