Precaution For Long Term Storage In Case

I thought it might be helpful to some folks to start a new thread concerning long-term storage of the 2400 in the official Isla case. It was brought up in the thread Clicks instead of sounds [IN PROGRESS] that storing the unit in the hard case for a prolonged period of time could be problematic in a high humidity environment.

I have also stored my unit for a few months in between uses due to moving and having a kid recently. It hadn’t occurred to me that storing my machine in the watertight case could be an issue until @maxtau discovered that doing so has caused corrosion on his audio board that may not be repairable. I took mine out and used it for a week or so about a month ago and didn’t have any issues so I don’t think my machine has been a victim of any corrosion yet. I’m picking up a rechargeable desiccant pack online to throw in my case when I’m storing it, just to help avoid a similar outcome. I’d recommend that anyone else who finds themselves needing to store their machine for a prolonged period of time (weeks or months) do the same. I didn’t do a ton of digging but from what I read it seemed like a 50 gram unit of desiccant was probably an appropriate size pack for the case.

Im sure not everyone reads every bug report so hopefully this highlights this possible issue for folks like myself that hadn’t considered this possibility yet.


I was able to get my 2400 out and play with it a bit today. I didn’t do any new sampling unfortunately, just pulled up old projects and listened through headphones but I didn’t notice any issues so I think my boards are ok. I threw one of the desiccant packs I bought Into the case to make sure no issues arise. I’ll probably open my machine up at some point before the analog filters or DSP boards go up for sale just to be sure no corrosion has begun, but I think I dodged that bullet. I encourage anyone else who has a case to buy some of those and keep one in your case just to be safe.


Might as well publicly void my warranty in the name of science. :wink: I finally got around to cracking open my 2400 to have a closer look at the boards and check for any visible corrosion. They look ok to me as far as I can tell.

I’m still gonna keep a desiccant pack in my case when I have to keep my machine stored for a longer period of time and I still encourage others to do the same, but this was a relief! Bring on the DSP and filter cards!