If you are experiencing sync failures / reboots

If you are experiencing SYNC FAIL messages then please get in touch by creating a support ticket.
We need to make a very minor hardware change to your unit.
This will only affect units < S2400-0140 since units shipped after that already have the change done here before it leaves.
Hard video for me to make but we need to get this message out.


Thank you so much team. Y’all are the best.

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Hardware is hard. Yall have done a great job at building a kick ass box. I already miss mine and I just dropped it off today. Merry Christmas Brad/team Isla

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It’ll be back out to you next day as soon as it arrives. You have my word.


Merry Christmas to you and the family and the Isla team. You all have been one of the few bright spots in a massively terrible year.


Thats some very good service !!! you the man.



1st off Happy Holidays to you and the family. My S2400 is a serial # below 130. I also experienced the Sync issue. I’m a US Navy quailfied Electronics Technician with SMD soldering experience as well. Can you provide me detail instructions for the fix. I appreciate your extraordinary customer support.



@bradholland just created my ticket dont feel bad about the post sir what ever to get it right we here at isla understand sirr

how this team are responding gives me great faith in my support of the 2400 project and in the future whatever craziness they dream up

top team

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I created a ticket as requested

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Serial #119 here. I haven’t had any of the Sync crashes (yet) Does this only happen in sync mode or when you use midi? Thanks!

However, I had an interesting experience with the power cord, where the cord that came with the unit was a tad too small and was loose in the socket. My machine wasn’t turning on unless I held the power cord up. I swapped out the cord with a better fitting one and no issues since. Not complaining at all but hope this information helps.



It can happen at any time and has nothing to do with it being synced to anything. It’s a reset that occurs that says audio board Sync Fail! or audio comm fail! and it’s a sign of a reboot that then fails to establish a connection so you have to press a button to restart.

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Ok, Thanks! I’ll keep you guys posted if/when it happens. Been on the s2400 for at least an hour a day. Since 12/12/20 and learning something new each day.

I have soldered in new faders and buttons in my sp1200 so I’m also comfortable doing the fix on the s2400 myself.



Hello Team Isla, My S2400 is home again. Thank you for the quick turnaround everyone. Rob Orr was great to deal with. Brad, you did what you said you were going to do, so thank you both very much!

Can confirm they turned mine around in <12 hours… Impressive stuff!!

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