Expectations of early firmware

Hello, first time using the s2400 for about 4 hours and experienced the following but was not able to reproduce:

  1. (After latest firmware update) One restart with very quick error message (could not read it, it was litterally a fraction of a second)
    while pressing shift + file. I had just recorded a simple beat using a factory kit, the beat had multimode pitched samples, some adjustments to the slices too.

  2. (Before latest firmware update) One restart with an error message when pressing the sample button: “Audio board SYNC FAIL, press any key to restart”. Tried the sample function again several times but it hasn’t happened again.

  3. (Before latest firmware update) 2 other random restarts, didn’t pay attention to exactly what I was doing as these were the first ones and I did notice the included power cable is very wiggly and unstable, so to rule out any possibilities of that being the problem i replaced with my own cable.

  4. Unexplained pitched notes triggering on their own. This happened very few times while in pitch multimode. Again VERY FEW times, but I’m sure it’s happening so I’ll keep a closer look if i can provide any additional info of value.

Are sudden restarts and these types of errors expected of the early firmwares? Also the power cable may be problematic as it fits lose, just a note.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I can confirm I experienced #2 today. I’m not as far along as you are in trying out different functions so I haven’t made an official thread. I though I’d spend more time tomorrow and see what else occurs as I go through the functions. Also my sync message occurred after the firmware update.

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Cool, hope it’s a software level issue.