12/16/2020 firmware restarts

I have updated to 12/16/2020 firmware. I was experiencing seemingly random restarts when assigning files to pads before that. With the update I just had a random restart also while adding a file.

The file was from the internal memory and factory sounds. I loaded a kit on bank 1, and a file on bank 2 slot 1. I recorded a beat and the beat was playing. I then added a file on bank 2, 2nd slot. That’s when it restarted.

The restart was very sudden, right after I selected the pad, and i didn’t see any messages. I did get a glitch sound that sounded like a micro loop for a tiny fraction of second.


One more random restart exactly as i pressed the button combination to enter the file menu. Before that I had loaded a kit, about 8 more samples individually, and created a 2 bar pattern in the process, also saved the project.

any more feedback on this since the last update buddy?

I just experienced the same thing today. And then more disturbingly I couldn’t get the machine to boot up again. I could hear the power come on into the device as it’s connected to my DAW so there is a pop when machines turn on sometimes but there was just a blank screen. I’ve noticed this before where I had to turn the power on and off a few times to get the screen to come up. Today it took a few tries, a different power cord, unplugging it for a bit and then it booted. I’m hoping that is software related. But it happened before the firmware update as well. I’m still getting some freezing when saving projects too.

are you on the very latest firmware?

Yes I installed it when you sent it to me a couple of days ago. In fact I was seeing if I could reinstall it but now I can’t get the device to connect to either my mac or pc so I took the SD card out and am attempting to put it back on the SD card that way.

Gonna need to bring this home, sorry.
Some of these early units need a change to them.
Please create a ticket and I’ll get a return label to you.
No cost to you, of course.

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So it’s not just mine huh? Well that is disappointing but it happens. I’ll create a ticket. Thanks Brad.

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@bradholland it took longer to have a random restart today. I’d say in about 30 minutes of using it.

As i mentioned, i had similar restarts before and after the 12/16/20 update.

Any suggestions? Ideas what it could be? Do I need to send it back?

@iofflight is your serial# around 60?


Yes it’s #51. However I realized last night my SD card is borked. It was unfortunately a fake SanDisk from eBay and it was just getting worse over the week. I threw a cheapie 16 gb SD into the S2400 and suddenly it was behaving a lot better. But I didn’t have time to really test it for other issues bc I haven been able to get past the load/crash save/crash cycles enough to do anything else. So my assumption is there are competing issues here - the card and whatever else is the s2400. Anyway I’ve just purchased two more SD cards from staples and will try to see what behavior persists this afternoon.

Well I can report that the new SD cards seem to be playing much nicer with the device. But I just got another audio board sync fail message and restart. So yeah the card cleared up a bulk of my issues but not all of them.

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I managed to record an entire ~5 min session leading to a crash and I am providing it for you. Here is an image with the exact error message attached.

Yes, some of these very early units need a hardware fix.
They need to come home, if you haven’t already, create a ticket so we can arrange this.

Hey Brad- does this mean a root cause has been found? From your wording it sounds like it isn’t affecting every unit? I have(only) seen the Sync Fail message 1 time on my unit(ticket 221471).

@bradholland i created a ticket a few days ago and I updated it with this post yesterday. However i have noticed that the ticket doesn’t appear in my account, i accessed it via previous emails…

Perhaps the ticket was closed?

Got shipping label, sending it out tomorrow :+1:

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