Pre-chop techniques anyone?

Ive been trying to find the best way to pre-chop all my samples in a bulk way so that I am doing less of the legwork. The latest incarnation of this is to open a folder in wave lab and use the split audio function. I set the split to happen every 10 seconds into the audio file. While I lose control of the process Im hoping it will cause some happy accidents similar to having a 2.5 second time block on the SP-1200. Im keeping the original files as well so I can manually chop but I put the 10 second segments in a subfolder so I can scroll through and listen out for anything interesting.

I would be interested in hearing other strategies anyone else out there uses.

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I been doing it manually just sampling right from my record player. Enjoying limiting my options to just the records I own. Been doing sessions where I just listen to records through input monitor and when I hear a snip I like I just hit sample and then keep going…


exactly what i do with movies and my octatrack

excellent way to ‘acquire’ things

SAP - i dunno man, i will likely just import what i feel like and then sample new stuff as i go, i don’t really have a large batch to split up as it’s already done in my hard drive, spent forever doing it

i see you are beta now - hahahaaa get that FW up to scratch , my order be ready soon

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You could get yourself Serato Sample and let it find Random chops for you then spread them in a midi sequencer with space between each one of them and export it as a long 1 wav file ‘‘pre-choped’’
Simply duplicate the complete track including the Serato Sample and change the note on the piano pad and export one bar as Stems for each 32 instance playing 32 different 1 bar ( or whichever length you set for that matter) chop.

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Grid mode. 64 slices. Random lock. A beast!